27 Kobo books & deals for May 30

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Hello, Welcome to Daily Free Kobo Books. In this edition, you’ll find some Kobo eBooks that are free to download, and Kobo book deals, for today (May 30).

Kobo Review Books of the Day

  1. ***The Eleventh Hour by  Anina Collins. Price: Free. Genre: Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuths. ISBN: 9780997215311.
  2. ***Switching Hour: Magic and Mayhem, #1 by  Robyn Peterman. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Paranormal, Fantasy. ISBN: 9781941377031.
Free Romance Books & Best Romance Deals
  1. Torn: A small town romance (Deal, Not Free) by Isobel Reed. Price: $2.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Small Town Romance, will she follow her heart or her head.  ISBN: 9798201431075. ASIN: B091ZM6RXJ.
  2. Unforeseen (Alessandra Powell Book 1) by Krystal White. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary.  Steamy Billionaire Romance, She was raised by her grandmother, tragedy strikes and she is faced with an impossible decision. ISBN: 9781310992247. ASIN: B00TFR6OHC.
  3. Superseded (Alessandra Powell Book 2) (Deal, Not Free) by Krystal White. Price: $1.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Steamy Political Romance, She has to leave everything and everyone she loves behind in order to save them from Senator’s wrath. ISBN: 1230000551045. ASIN: B00TWEZH9O.
  4. Fortuitous (Anabella Summers Series Book 1) by Krystal White. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Steamy Contemporary Romance, This is a racy story, Sex scenes are descriptive. ISBN:1230000551052. ASIN:B00U0I5XHW.
  5. Life After Love (Anabella Summer Series Book 2) (Deal Not Free) by Krystal White. Price: $1.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary.  Steamy Millionaire Romance, Anabella and Marcus have lived a fairy tale romance from the moment they met. ISBN: 1230000634519. ASIN: B013098ILU.
  6. Alpha Queen (King of Alphas Book 1) by Krystal White. Price: Free. Genre:  Romance. Steamy Shifter Romance, What is worse than being pointed out everywhere you go. ISBN: 9781310159558. ASIN: B00TP41UV0.
  7. Supreme Alpha (King of Alphas Book 2) (Deal, Not Free) by Krystal White. Price: $1.99. Genre: Romance. Steamy Fairy Tale Romance, Book has a lion, wolf, bear, mountain lion, tiger and hyena shifters. ISBN:9781310617591. ASIN: B00UQPQJR2.
  8. A Mother’s Sacrifice (Deal, Not Free) by  Krystal White. Price: $0.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Emma was tired of being a good girl, She decided to do what she wanted with her life. Her freedom backfires and she is trapped in a dangerous relationship. ISBN: 1230000696609. ASIN: B00SNUZR02.
  9. Brutal Blueblood (Deal, Not Free) by Becker Gray. Price: $4.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Steamy Contemporary Romance, Owen Montgomery is arrogant and unfeeling but she has been secretly in love with him for years. ISBN: 1230004530886. ASIN: B08VDQNTNC.
  10. Wicked Idol: A Hellfire Club Novel by Becker Gray. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Steamy New Adult Romance, The new girl does not belong here, So why can’t he stop thinking about her. ISBN: 9781953553010. ASIN: B08HVVTZSJ.
  11. The Last Rule of Makeups (Breakup Bash Book 3) (Deal, Not Free) by Nina Crespo. Price: $0.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. African American Romance, Macmillan, Cori Ross is thanking her lucky stars, In her rush to find Mr. Right, she almost settled for Mr. Just Okay. ISBN: 9781649370556. ASIN: B08GZZ62S9.
Free Erotic Romance & Steamy Romance Books & Best Erotic Deals 
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Thrillers & Mysteries & Suspense Novels & Best Thriller Deals & Mystery Deals
  1. Cold Quarry: A Codi Sanders Thriller (Not Free) by Brent Ladd. Price: $8.69. Genre: Thriller, Mystery & Suspense, International. A cold case from the ’60s comes back to life when a body is discovered in the jail of a small town long buried under a manmade lake. ISBN: 9781631953026. ASIN: B08XGHD4TM.
  2. Until Morning Comes (Deal, Not Free) by Jonathan Epps. Price: $5.99. Genre: Action-Adventure, Thriller. Ava is fighting for her freedom, Denied a privileged life, she is caught in the devious grip of an international trafficking ring. ISBN:9780578897370. ASIN: B092X91XV9.
  3. Cruising to Danger by Helen Yeomans. Price: Free. Genre: Fiction & Literature, Mystery & Suspense. Women’s Adventure Fiction, Shipboard life, 3 men on board, one of her suitors is a drug-dealing sociopath with a network of destruction and death. ISBN:  9780994909824. ASIN: B08FXSPXKC.
Free Christian Books & Best Christian Deals
  1. Welfare Cheese to Fine Caviar: How to Achieve Your Dreams Despite Your Upbringing (Deal, Not Free) by Thomas Wideman. Price: $0.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Health & Well Being, Self improvement. Christian Non Fiction, A candid and inspiring story is a testament to how your attitude absolutely determines your aptitude. ISBN: 9781736463017. ASIN: B0917Z9S9Z.
Free Fantasy & Science Fiction & Horror & Best SciFi, Fantasy Deals
  1. Flame and Fury (Dream Walker Book 3) (Deal, Not Free) by Michelle Miles. Price: $0.99. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Paranormal & Urban Fantasy, Can Anna defeat her inner demons, or will she lose her soul forever.  ISBN: 9781393955344. ASIN: B09139DLHR.
  2. Thundrhed! (Deal, Not Free) by Damon Wolfe. Price: $5.50. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Paranormal Fantasy, Dragons, a damsel in distress.  ISBN: 9798201702465. ASIN: B0945XSK9R.
  3. Longshot: An Alien Invasion Sci-Fi Novel by Avery Blake and Johnny B. Truant. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy. Space Fleet Science Fiction, While Las Vegas burns, John Abbot is on fire. ISBN: 9781393970279. ASIN: B08MSQP78S.
  4. A Happy Bureaucracy: A Post-Apocalyptic Parody Novel (The Happy Bureaucracy Book 1) (Deal, Not Free) by M.P. Fitzgerald. Price: $3.99. Genre: Dystopian Science Fiction, Humor. Nukes ended most of society, Now all that is left is taxes.   ISBN: 9781386060918. ASIN:B07MN5K1DW.
  5. All Things Weird & Strange (Deal, Not Free) by  Stephanie Hansen. Price: $0.99. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Anthologies, Coming of Age Fantasy. Celebrities facing heartbreak in futuristic and fantastical worlds. ISBN: 9781393431138. ASIN: B08RSFC3TZ.
Free Historical Fiction & Best Historical Fiction Deals
  1. The Silver Stallion (Deal, Not Free) by  Peter Darman. Price: $4.99. Genre: Historical Fiction, Literary Fiction. The adventures of Luca Baldi and a band of Catalan mercenaries in the Byzantine Empire, at the beginning of the 14th century. ISBN: 9781005904791. ASIN: B08XLPTDRR.
  2. BLOODLINES (A Dying Truth Exposed, Book One) (Deal, Not Free) by Marcus Abston. Price: $3.99.  Genre: Historical. African American Historical Fiction, A grandfather confronted with the fact that his family is woefully ignorant about their own lineage and legacy is determined to educate them . ISBN: 9781087924571. ASIN: B08YFCYS8J.
Free Young Adult Books & Best YA Deals
  1. Little Games of Love: A Coming of Age Romance (Deal, Not Free) by Gabriela Paz. Price: $4.99. Genre: Kids, Teen, Young adult, Contemporary Romance, Unexpected letter that change everything, a classic tale of meeting the right person at the wrong time. ISBN: 9780578895307. ASIN: B08ZJVRS1Q.
  2. Garkain: Book One of The Uluru Legacy Series (Deal, Not Free) (Pre-0rder) by Anna J Walner. Price: $0.99. Genre: Kids, Teen, Fantasy & Magic. Vampire Romance, Amelia must make a choice, Join The Colony and her family, or literally be made to forget they ever existed in the first place. ISBN: 9781393016847. ASIN: B08R2DDMG1.
  3. Sophia Violet and the Fiery Orb (Deal, Not Free) by Evangeline Greene. Price: $3.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic. YA Fantasy. In just weeks, she must go from being an awkward teenager to leading the battle to save both the Earth and a mysterious planet. ISBN: 9780463716854. ASIN: B07WFSYC18.
  4. Sophia Violet and the Crystal Orb (Deal, Not Free) by Evangeline Greene. Price: $3.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic. Once again called upon to battle evil, Sophia mines the depths of her inner strength. ISBN: 9781005562427. ASIN: B08ZJLR9VV.
Free Children’s Books & Best Children’s Deals
  1. Fiercely Living Devotional & Journal (Deal, Not Free) by Prophetess Deborah Allen. Price: $8.99. Genre: Non Fiction, Religion, Spirituality. Christian Inspirational, Words of devotion, words of life, they are inspiring and world changing. ISBN: 9781642991918. ASIN: B0835YW6S5.
Free Adventure, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor, Contemporary Fiction & Best Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Memoirs & Best Memoir Deals
  1. The Art of Spiritual Leadership: 40 Laws to Transform Your Life (and the World) (Deal, Not Free) by Daniel Aaron. Price: $0.99. Genre: Religion & Spirituality, Biography & Memoir. Biographies & Memoirs, Create remarkable transformation in your life and work predictably, reliably, and effectively. ISBN: 9798201353919. ASIN: B095L89VKW.
Free Non-Fiction & How To & Best Non-Fiction & How To Deals
  1. An Owner’s Manual for Consciously Evolving Your Consciousness: Romancing the Absurd A Mystery Novel Based on Reinvented Reality (Not Free) by Don McCrea-Hendrick. Price: $8.99. Genre: New Age, Personal  Transformation. Personal Growth Nonfiction, A story of redemption for two of the characters who dabble in consciously evolving their consciousness. ISBN: 9781643348698. ASIN: B08NFL1654.
  2. Indian Inspirations: Contributions by India (Not Free) by Mayur Paranjape. Price: $7.50. Genre: Culture, India. International Relations Nonfiction, The good India has offered and continues to offer to the world. ISBN: 9780228853794. ASIN: B093CHWH6B.
  3. The Wall Street Era is Over: The Investor’s Guide to Cryptocurrency and DeFi, the Decentralized Finance Revolution (Not Free) by DEFIYIELD App. Price: $9.97. Genre: Non-Fiction, Business & Finance. Business & Money, investing in DeFi, How to succeed and invest safely in DeFi. ISBN: 1230004795865. ASIN: B094X2BJH9.
Free Cookbooks & Best Cookbook Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Business & Finance Books & Best Business & Finance deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.


What do Stars next to Free Books mean?

The Stars are a rating scheme. Only the best books get stars. The more stars, the better the book. Even one star means the book is very good and worth downloading.

  1. * – Recommended. 1 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 4+ reviews, great description and cover, promising premise.
  2. ** – Strongly Recommended. 2 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 20+ reviews, 4 star rating on 50+ reviews, very promising description, very promising premise.
  3. *** – Get it Now! 3 Star Books are The Very Best. These are books that have 4.5 stars rating on 50+ reviews, or are the very best.
  4. Romance of the Day, Mystery of the Day, etc. – Book that stands out even amongst the *** ones and ** ones.
  5. Wild Card Pick – Not enough reviews but we think it’s a winner. That over time it would be * or **.
  6. Wild Card – Not enough reviews but sounds good.
  7. True Wild Card – No reviews but interesting.

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