24 Free Kobo books & deals for May 31

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Hello, Welcome to Daily Free Kobo Books. In this edition, you’ll find some Kobo eBooks that are free to download, and Kobo book deals, for today (May 31).

Kobo Review Books of the Day

  1. ***Face of Death (A Zoe Prime Mystery—Book 1) by  Blake Pierce. Price: Free. Genre: Thriller, Police Procedural, Women Sleuths. ISBN: 1230003519615.
  2. ****Offside by Juliana Stone. Price: Free. Genre: Steamy Romance, Erotica. ISBN: 9780988138520.
  3. ***Successful Self-Publishing: How to self-publish and market your book in ebook, print, and audiobook formats by Joanna Penn. Price: Free. Genre: Online Publishing, eBooks. ISBN: 1230000851367.
Free Romance Books & Best Romance Deals
  1. Rock Harder: Chord Brothers, Book 2 (Deal, Not Free) by M. J. Roberts. Price: $4.95. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. A moving, funny, white-hot sexy romp that fans of Nora Roberts and Janet Evanovich will love. ISBN: 9780463753507.
  2. Trust Me: The West Side Series, #2 (Deal, Not Free) by Isabel Jolie. Price: $2.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. Steamy Contemporary Romance, He is perfect in all the wrong ways, He makes her feel things she should not after just meeting someone. ISBN: 9781734329155. ASIN: B084P5L38F.
  3. The Album: Cruise Control, #1 (Deal, Not Free) by  Sian Ceinwen. Price: $3.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary Women. She enters the rock star’s world as Cruise Control embarking on his first concert tour. Is true love enough to keep two people together when living in the fast lane is pushing them apart? ISBN: 9780648840008. ASIN: B087JYNNPH.
Free Erotic Romance & Steamy Romance Books & Best Erotic Deals
  1. Remembered: Remnants Of Another Life, #1 by  Diana Leston. Price: $0.99. Genre: Romance, Fantasy, Paranormal. Steamy Military Romance, Her appearance and scent is one that he had never encountered before, But, her soul is reminiscent of a woman’s that he had once so desperately loved and lost. ISBN: 9781393991960. ASIN: B07SRJSWZW.  
Free Thrillers & Mysteries & Suspense Novels & Best Thriller Deals & Mystery Deals
  1. The Corpse Wore Stilettos (Deal, Not Free) by MJ O’Neill. Price: $0.99. Genre: Crime Fiction, Contemporary Women. Cozy Mystery, A former socialite took a job at the local morgue to keep her family out of a homeless shelter, the body of a murder victim goes missing on her watch. ISBN: 1230003172889. ASIN: B07Q6VZ4V9.
  2. RECLAIMING OUR OWN (Deal, Not Free) by Christopher Irons. Price: $2.99. Genre: Thriller. His nephew is kidnapped. He tries to intervene but is himself taken hostage – is it a part of a deeper conspiracy? ISBN: 9781733497626. ASIN: B07Z338GNR.
  3. One Last Move (Deal, Not Free) by WES SNOWDEN. Price: $0.99. Genre: Thriller, Mystery & Suspense, Action Suspense. At first glance, it appears to be just a normal business takeover attempt, but when their sinister motivations behind the unsolicited move become apparent. ISBN: 9781393251606. ASIN: B086MVWNXC.
  4. Nondisclosure: A Medical Thriller (Deal, Not Free) by Geoffrey M Cooper. Price: $2.99. Genre: Thriller. A College Professor is accused of rape, the victim can not remember the crime. As her memory comes back, she is brutally assaulted and murdered. Can the investigators expose the coverup at the highest levels of academia? ISBN: 9781733771412. ASIN: B07SKHDT94.
  5. Truth Kills by Nanci Rathbun. Price: Free. Genre: Cozy Mystery, Women Sleuths. A murdered mistress. An accused mob boss. Can two detectives put their differences aside to find the real killer? ISBN: 1230003912874. ASIN: B0721R2KNF.
Free Christian Books & Best Christian Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Fantasy & Science Fiction & Horror & Best SciFi, Fantasy Deals
  1. *The Space Lore Boxed Set: Volumes 1-3 (Deal, Not Free) by Chris Dietzel. Price: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy, Epic, Science Fiction, Space Opera. A vessel full of innocent passengers is destroyed, the extent of the impending retaliation is unknown, Galactic war is approaching. ISBN: 9781370765645.
  2. The Promise Book #1 of the Piecer Chronicles (Deal, Not Free) by Maxx Powr. Price: $2.99. Genre: Fantasy, High Tech, Space Opera, Military Science Fiction. An alien attack decimates humanity. The survivors hide underground, create an army of DNA manipulated soldiers. Is that enough to win the earth back from the ruthless aliens? ISBN: 9780997007138. ASIN: B07P6SH87M.
  3. Dragon Knight Chronicles: The Awakening: Dragon Knight Chronicles, #1 (Deal, Not Free) by Andrew Wichland. Price: $2.99. Genre: Fantasy, Adventure.  Dragon Knight Chronicles begins the story of Ryuu’s struggle against the most powerful being in the galaxy. ISBN: 9781540162557. ASIN: B01GAFBQGA.
  4. The Coming Night: Wild Hearts, #1 by Andrew Wichland. Price: $2.99. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Adventure. An exciting science fiction adventure about, survival, friendship, and courage. ISBN: 9781386401575. ASIN: B07F43CY3F.
Free Historical Fiction & Best Historical Fiction Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Young Adult Books & Best YA Deals
  1. Altered Helix: Altered Helix, #1 (Deal, Not Free) by Stephanie Hansen. Price: $0.99. Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance. Austria meets a boy without a home, her life takes intriguing and eventful turns. ISBN: 9781393579960. ASIN: B087X9X2JZ.
Free Children’s Books & Best Children’s Deals
  1. Telescope Jim: Pirates of the South Seas, #1 by  J. S. Lome. Price: Free. Genre: Kids & Teens, Fiction. Children’s Pirate Action & Adventure, A secret buccaneer includes a misfit teen in his conning scheme in a plot to steal the treasure. ISBN: 9781393150961. ASIN: B07TQH8MV9.
Free Adventure, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor, Contemporary Fiction & Best Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Memoirs & Best Memoir Deals
  1. Anonymous Is a Woman: A Global Chronicle of Gender Inequality (Deal, Not Free) by  Nina Ansary. Price: $3.99. Genre: Feminism. Biographies & Memoirs of Women, Understand the roots and manifestations of systemic gender discrimination in everyday life. ISBN: 9780986406430. ASIN: B085N8XDR6.
  2. When She Touches: When She Touches, #1 (Not Free) by Sheryl Frazer. Price: $3.99. Genre: Memoir, Family Life. Genevieve experienced confused and contrary feelings when around people, especially those closest to her. Normal, so she thought. ISBN: 9781386721314. ASIN: B088NHV1SL.
Free Non-Fiction & How To & Best Non-Fiction & How To Deals
  1. The 2020 Election Survival Guide: 102 Reflections & Activities That Stem The Urge to Throttle Anyone Including Yourself (Deal, Not Free) by Ann American. Price: $1.99. Genre: US Elections, Self Help, Humor. 2020 Election Survival Guide Nonfiction, Soar above network blitzes and partisan divides, learn about America and perhaps even about yourself. ISBN: 9780984813438. ASIN: B082FRCNSC.
  2. 7 Things to Know About Getting Money for Your Business (Deal, Not Free) by Dr. David Doriscar. Price: $2.99. Genre: Business, Finance. This book will arm the reader (Business owner, or aspiring Business owner) with the perspective that most funders have. ISBN: 9781400331246. ASIN: B085X441JQ.
  3. From Peking Man to Jerusalem: Practical memory techniques for highly efficient learning- Chinese, math, English, long texts by Ido Shapira. Price: Free. Genre: Memory Improvement. ISBN: 6610000139477. ASIN: B07MLSH3PZ.
  4. Secret Techniques for Evaluating (Cpc) Cost Per Click Advertising: Google Adwords and Yahoo Overture Action Research Evaluation by  Jimmy Ghinis. Price: Free. Genre: Digital Marketing. ISBN: 9780359464166. ASIN: B07NDN3JS5.
Free Cookbooks & Best Cookbook Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Business & Finance Books & Best Business & Finance deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.


What do Stars next to Free Books mean?

The Stars are a rating scheme. Only the best books get stars. The more stars, the better the book. Even one star means the book is very good and worth downloading.

  1. * – Recommended. 1 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 4+ reviews, great description and cover, promising premise.
  2. ** – Strongly Recommended. 2 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 20+ reviews, 4 star rating on 50+ reviews, very promising description, very promising premise.
  3. *** – Get it Now! 3 Star Books are The Very Best. These are books that have 4.5 stars rating on 50+ reviews, or are the very best.
  4. Romance of the Day, Mystery of the Day, etc. – Book that stands out even amongst the *** ones and ** ones.
  5. Wild Card Pick – Not enough reviews but we think it’s a winner. That over time it would be * or **.
  6. Wild Card – Not enough reviews but sounds good.
  7. True Wild Card – No reviews but interesting.

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