25 Kobo books & deals for Oct. 19

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Hello, Welcome to Daily Free Kobo Books. In this edition, you’ll find some Kobo eBooks that are free to download, and Kobo book deals, for today (October 19).

Kobo Review Books of the Day

  1. ***After the Cure by Deirdre Gould. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, Horror. ISBN: 9781311855558.
  2. ***The Proposition: Book One by Jennifer Lyon. Price: Free. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. ISBN: 9780988792302.
Free Romance Books & Best Romance Deals
  1. Returning to Seashell Island (Deal, Not Free) by Brenda Kennedy. Price: $3.99. Genre: Romance, Contemporary. An emotional and heart-wrenching journey, will Isabella make it on her own with a baby, or is there still love in her destiny. ISBN: 9780463746257. ASIN: B07YYZGKL3.
  2. The Torc (Deal, Not Free) by J.E. Hunter. Price: $0.74. Genre: Romance, Paranormal. Sword and Sorcery Fantasy Romance, She grows closer to Garret, Undeniable attraction turns into something more, But a relationship with a cursed soul is not simple. ISBN: 1230002047751.
  3. My Memory Told Me a Secret (Deal, Not Free) by Jeremy C Bradley-Silverio Donato. Price: $2.99. Genre: Romance, Memoir, LGBT. MM Romance, nothing hurts quite as meticulously as loving someone who does not love you back. ISBN: 9781733260312. ASIN: B07TSN6TTZ.
Free Erotic Romance & Steamy Romance Books & Best Erotic Deals 
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Thrillers & Mysteries & Suspense Novels & Best Thriller Deals & Mystery Deals
  1. The Silent Surrogate (Deal, Not Free) by N.L. Hinkens. Price: $0.99. Genre: Thriller, Psychological. Psychological Thriller, NY Times Bestselling Author, Hope for revenge fading fast, An innocent life at stake, A harrowing decision that will awaken the dark past she desperately wishes could be undone. ISBN: 9781947890107. ASIN: B07WTRW3ZV.
  2. Night Crawls and Sweet Dreams (Not Free) by Joel Vincent. Price: $7.99. Genre: Thriller. Technothriller, Two unlikely allies come together, She realizes Anton’s seemingly safe yet unconventional lifestyle may not be as safe as she thought. ISBN: 9781681113326. ASIN: B07Y8JTWGJ.
Free Christian Books & Best Christian Deals
  1. Why God is My Only Best Friend (Not Kobo) (Not Free) (Pre-Order) by Mr. Fog. Price: $14.99. Genre: Christian. ASIN: B07YVMRGJK.
  2. Save Him (Deal, Not Free) by William M. Hayes. Price: $2.99. Genre: Fantasy, High Tech, Religious. Rydel Scott, a brilliant scientist working at a secret military lab, accidentally discovers a form of time travel. Rydel Scott travels back in time to save Jesus Christ from the cross. ISBN: 9780463246733. ASIN: B07WQMP41B.
  3. Poetry from Heaven: Book 1 (Not Free) by  Avochon Postell. Price: $3.99. Genre: Christian, Poetry. ISBN: 9781728304427. ASIN: B07PVFYJYC.
  4. Revelationaries (Deal, Not Free) by  Refried Bean. Price: $0.99. Genre: Religious, Poetry & Essays. ISBN: 9780463861905.
  5. The Forgiveness Flag (Deal, Not Free) by Refried Bean. Price: $0.99. Genre: Poetry. ISBN: 9780463837993.
Free Fantasy & Science Fiction & Horror & Best SciFi, Fantasy Deals
  1. Northern Knights: Lord of Columbia, #1 by  Todd Matthews. Price: Free. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary. An interesting read on a dystopian world where an Imperial Empire rules and a Rebel alliance fights back. ISBN: 9781393704317.
  2. State of Control: A Charlie Spade Prequel Novella (Deal, Not Free) by Vanessa Muir. Price: $0.99. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy. ISBN: 9781950687084.
  3. Night Whispers: The Complex, #0 (Deal, Not Free) by Calinda B. Price: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy. NY Times Bestselling Author, Someone is stalking her in her dreams, She suspects its someone far more deadly, her worst nightmare and her greatest enemy. ISBN: 9781386744382. ASIN: B01N07FRWX.
  4. The World Between Worlds: The Peacekeeper, #1 (Deal, Not Free) by  Joni Harrison. Price: $0.99. Genre: Fantasy, Contemporary Women. A story of a woman who must save the world while making it home in time for school pickup. ISBN: 9781393486978. ASIN: B07X3Q6XXS.
  5. Milky Way Tango: The Belt Stories, #1 by Roger Alan Bonner. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction & Fantasy, High Tech, Space Opera. Jimmy kills to protect Sarah, he gets sentenced to spend ten years at the far end of the belt, while Sarah tries to continue without Jimmy. ISBN: 9781386580270. ASIN: B07L8NFFV8.
  6. ***Wanderer’s Escape by  Simon Goodson. Price: Free. Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure, Space Opera. The Empire will kill him for stealing this ship, but they have to catch it first. ISBN: 9781910586006. ASIN: B00AZ7YSFQ.
  7. A Monster’s Kindness (Not Free) by  Jessica Meats. Price: $1.00. Genre: Fantasy, LGBT.  Fantasy MM Romance, A village that sacrifices people to the monsters in the forest, Now the howling has started again, and the next sacrifice has to be chosen. ISBN: 9781527250604. ASIN: B07Z251CLG.
Free Historical Fiction & Best Historical Fiction Deals
  1. Sarmatian (Deal, Not Free) by Peter Darman. Price: $4.60. Genre: Historical Fiction. War Fiction, A sequence of events that will plunge the Parthian Empire into peril, a horde of barbarians sweeps into Parthia from the north, as it crushes everything in its path, an old warlord is forced to take up his sword again. ISBN: 9780463866795. ASIN: B07VDL6ZRH.
Free Young Adult Books & Best YA Deals
  1. Dawn Patrol: Surfer Girl, #1 by Analei Skye. Price: Free. Genre: Young Adult, Love & Romance, LGBT, Action Suspense. Coming of Age Romance, Loving Noah is like being lured by a siren onto a flaming star, It is intense, bright and addicting, but is it worth it. ISBN: 9781393700487. ASIN: B07YNZJCM8.
Free Children’s Books & Best Children’s Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Adventure, Women’s Fiction, Literary Fiction, Humor, Contemporary Fiction & Best Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Memoirs & Best Memoir Deals
  1. Better Off Bald: A Life in 147 Days (Not Free) by Andrea Wilson Woods. Price: $9.99. Genre: Memoir. A life in 147 days, Adrienne makes every moment count, As she lay dying she teaches her sister how to live. ISBN: 9781544504605. ASIN: B07X3N6TCP.
Free Non-Fiction & How To & Best Non-Fiction & How To Deals
  1. The Way of the Laowai: The Importance of International Self-Awareness for Business (Not Free) by  Tyler Johnson. Price: $9.99. Genre: Business & Finance, Economics, International. Industrial Business Management, Find employees with the right experience both domestically and overseas, so that their deep understanding of local culture can help you grow worldwide. ISBN: 9781544502120. ASIN: B07PFMLFPH.
  2. The Zensational Buddha: The Buddha from a Zen Perspective (Not Free) by Rahul Karn. Price: $8.69. Genre: Zen Buddhism, Philosophy, Meditation. Zen stories, which will give you free-thinking and motivate you to meditate and realize the truth yourself. ISBN: 9780648574491. ASIN: B07YK4BR43.
  3. The Ghost Signal: New Paranormal Research In Recently Deceased Ghosts, Entities, New Theories, New Techniques, New Enhancements And The Afterworld Revealed by Jimmy Ghinis. Price: Free. Genre: Spirituality, Occult, Ghosts, New Age. ISBN: 9780463085110.
Free Cookbooks & Best Cookbook Deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.
Free Business & Finance Books & Best Business & Finance deals
Unfortunately, nothing today.


What do Stars next to Free Books mean?

The Stars are a rating scheme. Only the best books get stars. The more stars, the better the book. Even one star means the book is very good and worth downloading.

  1. * – Recommended. 1 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 4+ reviews, great description and cover, promising premise.
  2. ** – Strongly Recommended. 2 Star Books are Books that have one or more of – 4.5 stars rating on 20+ reviews, 4 star rating on 50+ reviews, very promising description, very promising premise.
  3. *** – Get it Now! 3 Star Books are The Very Best. These are books that have 4.5 stars rating on 50+ reviews, or are the very best.
  4. Romance of the Day, Mystery of the Day, etc. – Book that stands out even amongst the *** ones and ** ones.
  5. Wild Card Pick – Not enough reviews but we think it’s a winner. That over time it would be * or **.
  6. Wild Card – Not enough reviews but sounds good.
  7. True Wild Card – No reviews but interesting.

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